Cybersecurity Consulting

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Brite leverages thoroughly vetted industry-leading technologies and world-class services to empower organizations. We partner with our clients to help them achieve their  goals and objectives through the use of the right technology solutions. We are industry leading cybersecurity consulting experts here to guide and support the entire journey.

Cybersecurity Assessments simplified

Brite makes a complex issue, simple.  Our cybersecurity consulting framework (CIS, ISO, NIST, etc) based assessments take a 360 degree look at the current security posture.  The results are scored and ranked based on importance to the overall organization risk.  An actionable plan is created to start the journey or reinforce and existing plan.

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The Brite Approach to Cybersecurity

Simplifying cybersecurity. That is what Brite’s mission is. Brite’s cybersecurity methodology was developed from industry standards and combined with our intimate knowledge of a wide range of  organizations from 20 years of experience.

Cybersecurity. Simplified.

Matching Cybersecurity Technologies with Your Organization

We don’t try and fit a square peg in a round whole. As a value added cybersecurity reseller, Brite has evaluated and partnered with innovative and effective technology organizations. This allows us to agnostically recommend solutions base on the organization’s unique needs. Have confidence that Brite’s cybersecurity consulting will ensure that the right solution is being selected.

Building an Effective Technology Roadmap

Cybersecurity is continues to change and evolve at an accelerated rate, and we don’t see it slowing down.  Strategically planning your technology roadmap and integration plan helps to maximize tool investment, avoid vendor lock-in and unnecessary, unexpected expenses.

Ongoing Support with Managed Cybersecurity Services

Are you facing the common issues of too many tools and not enough resources to manage them? BriteProtect steps in with world class managed security services to support the tactical elements of your cybersecurity department so you can focus on strategic initiatives that move business forward.

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