8 Body-Worn Camera Mounts and Clips for GVS BC-03

Often compared to a deck of cards, body-worn cameras are small, portable and discreet enough to not interfere with duties, but how do you wear a body-worn camera? There are various mounting and clip options allowing officers to choose how to wear one comfortably without jeopardizing recording. With Getac Video Solutions’ newest BWC on the market, here’s the ultimate guide on body-worn camera mounts and clips featuring the BC-03.

The latest body-worn camera: BC-03 Specs

Before diving into the options for wearing the device, let’s understand the dimensions.

Getac Video Solutions BC-03 Body-worn Camera
Getac Video Solutions BC-03 Body-worn Camera

Dimensions (W x D x H): 2.87” x 0.83” x 3.27”

Weight: 6.35 oz

Field of view: 165° Diagonal


Designed to be attached to various uniforms and surfaces, the BC-03 is pre-built with connection points and areas to attach and lock the BWC to any of the following mounts.



Body-worn Camera Mounts and Clips: BC-03 Options

There are eight body-worn camera mounts and clips options for the BC-03, with new and improved options released in summer 2021. When mounting the device, the mounting bracket (pictured) is put into place first, then the camera is secured. The new bracket features a quick twist connection, making mounting easier. The twist mount replaces the tab mount that held the clip via anchor rails and a locking clip. 

Chest mount in place, ready to slide the BC-03 camera onto the mount rails to attach the BWC.

  1. Chest Mount: The first option for mounting the camera front and center at chest height. The mounting plate is designed to weave between the center buttons on a standard button-down shirt.

Before the MOLLE tabs through adjacent elastic bands with the top mount plate sticking above.After the MOLLE tabs through adjacent elastic bands with the top mount plate sticking above.


  1. MOLLE Mount: The mount solution is designed to work with any industry-standard MOLLE utility vest or equipment. The mounting plate simply slides into the elastic bands of the vest.

  1. Magnetic Mount: Another versatile option able to be mounted in various locations. One metal plate is positioned behind the fabric and the other magnetic metal plate is placed on the outside of the uniform. The back/inside plate is curved allowing the top plate to sit inside, making it secure.

  1. Pocket Mount: The pocket mount is designed to slide into most shirt pockets. To secure it, there is a pin at the bottom to attach it to the uniform. This option works best with latched, covered pockets.

  1. Large Pocket Clip: A larger version of the Pocket Clip that is designed to fir large, covered pockets on standard uniforms. The body of the mount is nestled into the pocket, then the pocket flap is folded over and buttoned, securing the mount.

  1. Alligator Clip: Rather than the mounts, the Alligator Clip is versatile, allowing for it to be attached in multiple locations. The 12 locking positions and a 360° swivel ensure the clip is secure and functioning wherever attached.

  1. Swivel Clip: The Swivel Clip is designed to work with any existing Getac Body Camera mount, enhancing the feature. When attached to a mount, the Swivel Clip gives the functionality to rotate in a downward direction.

  1. Epaulette Clip: The first shoulder mounting option connects to the left uniform shoulder strap and hangs down over the left upper chest. The mounting rails can swivel to adjust the camera’s vertical orientation.

The flexible body-worn camera mounts and clip options allow for officers to choose the best fit for them, without impacting recording. Learn more about the GVS solution and BC-03 camera here.

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