Are You Ready to Upgrade to Forescout 8.2?

Hey Forescout users, the doc is in! We all know health checks are essential for our bodies, but what about IT and security environments?  With the release of Forescout 8.2, our new Forescout Health Checks and Readiness Assessments help Forescout users like you get environments up-to-speed before upgrading to Forescout 8.2.  

As a Forescout user, you know that Forescout’s platform is the solution to real-time visibility and the insights into who and what devices are on the network are essential to security.  Combine that strong foundation and insights with the new security features, it’s easy to be eager to upgrade.  However, before upgrading, it’s necessary to assess and prep the environment.  You can’t jump into surgery without a consultation and diagnosis from a doctor. 

Brite’s Forescout Readiness Assessment and Health Check

Now, we don’t like to call ourselves doctor, but rather Forescout certified engineers (3x award winning ones at that).  And after years of working with users and seeing the same patterns and pitfalls when implementing and optimizing Forescout environments, we’re taking our experience beyond the sale to help maximize potential. 

Our practice specializes in ensuring that Forescout users and environments are fully prepped to move to the latest release.  We consult during a new 2-hour readiness assessment.  After the assessment, users receive a curated list of steps to take before upgrading.  

In tandem with the consultation and readiness assessment, engineers can also diagnosis any issues with the Forescout environment through a health check. The check reviews current configurations, policies and use cases to highlight ways to optimize the environment.  

Okay, let’s get my environment ready for upgrading to Forescout 8.2.

No one loves going to the doctor.  Everyone has their own reasons, but to help avoid that feeling with our assessment and health check, let’s go through what to expect.  

  • The team. Brite’s certified engineers – our “docs” who will work with you in assessing and evaluating your environment
  • The assessment.  In 2 hours, the team will determine the next steps to move the environment to the latest 8.2 release. 
  • The check. The check reviews current configurations, policies and use cases. 
  • The takeaways.  Receive a document with the recommended path and how to achieve the best value from the Forescout environment. 

Seems a lot less scary than getting your annual check-up at the doctor.  Our goal is to keep Forescout environments in shape, so there aren’t trips to the emergency room.  We’re extremely excited about introducing these new services and helping our Forescout customers. If your team is interested, reach out to your sales rep for more info! 

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